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Melon Mirage

Responsible for all aspects

My initial concept was from a photo study done by Zachary Adame. I loved the fantastical size to the melons and the warmth given off by the sub surface scattering.  


Breakdown video

Process breakdown

Here is a little more in-depth explanation of my process for this project 



Wireframe of my scene

Modeled everything from melons to mountains, the foliage was edited in Speed Tree then eventually added to the scene as Vray Proxys in order to work more efficiently.



Specular pass

Texturing took a while, with the stylized SSS, the detail in the melon flesh and balancing realistic textures with the stylized shapes of the actual melons



First step in Nuke 

Here is what the comp is looking like with corrected lights to adjust their intensity and color

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